April 14, 2003

guanxiCRM to become the most popular CRM in China

ABOD writes "SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net) statistics show that guanxiCRM (http://www.guanxiCRM.com) has been downloaded 1500 times since this CRM package was released only 3 weeks ago.

Specifically designed for enterprises doing business in China, guanxiCRM is currently the only professional Customer Relationship Management package capable to dealing with the Chinese notions of "Guanxi" (~Relation) and "Mianzi" (~the Face).

With this successful Open Source strategy guanxiCRM becomes the most popular CRM package in China where world class CRM venders are selling difficultly single digit number of copies of proprietary software per annum. guanxiCRM features a smart browser-based interface and aims at small and mid-sized businesses to manage their sales force and customer service representatives."

Link: guanxicrm.com

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