July 10, 2002

Guardian Digital combats proprietary software licenses

Jennifer Olson writes: Guardian Digital, Inc., the first full-service open source Internet server security company, has today announced a special incentive program designed to provide companies with an alternative to Windows-based servers and applications as the July 31st deadline for Microsoft s new licensing program approaches.

Labeled "Project Volition," business customers can receive up to 30% savings on Guardian Digital products at www.guardiandigital.com through August 10th, 2002.
The award-winning EnGarde Secure Professional enterprise server software solution offers unsurpassed levels of security, ease of use, and the most sophisticated open source Web-based management system available. Capable of supporting thousands of virtual Web sites, e-mail and DNS domains, this proven enterprise-ready solution marks EnGarde Secure Professional as the reliable and robust platform for building a complete corporate Internet presence.

"Companies are concerned about the new Microsoft Software Assurance plan and the increased costs for their organization associated with it, writes Benjamin D. Thomas, director of product development for Guardian Digital. Guardian Digital products, including EnGarde Secure Linux, are engineered to be secure, easy to manage, and provide a cost-effective alternative to proprietary offerings from Microsoft."

Small and midsized businesses, already confronted with downsizing and reduced budgets, could pay up to 77% more per year with the new licensing program according to Guernsey Research analyst Chris LeTocq. Gartner stated in a recent report that Microsoft has "eliminated the most popular way that midsize organizations upgrade their software and raised the upgrade price in the process."

Engineered Internet Security for the Enterprise

Recently awarded Editor's Choice by Network Computing Magazine, EnGarde Secure Professional includes "a textbook example of an ideal patching interface automated notification, simplified downloading and straightforward descriptions", as stated by Network Computing in their review.

Engineered from the ground up with specific regards to security and ease of management, EnGarde Secure Linux Professional is a comprehensive solution that reduces the time and resources required to develop and maintain an online presence.

The EnGarde Workgroup Suite accompanying module, designed exclusively for EnGarde Secure Professional, adds productivity and versatility to the stable and secure EnGarde foundation. Simple and secure remote access, firewall and VPN management, Windows file and print sharing, WebMail and user quota support enable small and midsized organizations to supplant existing Windows servers or seamlessly complement their operations.

The EnGarde Alternative: Simple, Secure, and Cost-effective

In a shift from how Microsoft previously distributed their software, the company will shortly force their customers to commit to multi-year upgrades up front, or lose out on future discounts.

Leveraging tools from the best open source security projects on the Internet, coupled with the security and network expertise of Guardian Digital, EnGarde eliminates per-seat charges and uses only industry-proven standards-based technologies.

The result of implementing Guardian Digital software in organizations with as little as fourteen or even four thousand users is apparent. Savings over proprietary solutions as well as off-the-shelf Linux software increase exponentially as Internet threats are discovered daily.

"It's an administrators, programmers, and developers dream come true," said Steven J. Daniels, CEO of WaveWizard Internet, Inc. of EnGarde Secure Linux.

Carlos Ramos, director of Information Technology for orthopedic implant company Implex, Inc., writes of Guardian Digital and EnGarde Secure Linux, "It has been one of the most seamless integrations I ve ever handled, and would gladly recommend it for any size organization requiring a real turn-key solution with the expertise, and professionalism that it requires. Our network has never been this secure."

Simon Hickman, Firewall Specialist with AT&T New Zealand said of Guardian Digital, "With experience of product support over the last 12 years working within the IT sector, Guardian Digital stands out as the most exceptional product vendor to date. Other commercial vendors pale in comparison. A fine product and a fine team."

Pricing and Availability

During the promotional period ending August 10th, 2002, customers may purchase EnGarde Secure Linux Professional v1.2 at $494.95, a 10% savings from the regular price of $549. Enterprises seeking to deploy EnGarde throughout their organization can receive up to 30% discount on 5 or more copies purchased directly from Guardian Digital.

EnGarde Secure Linux Professional v1.2 includes 60 days of phone, e-mail and Web support as well as a 60-day trial subscription to the Guardian Digital Secure Network as the primary means to obtain system and security updates. Beyond the trial period it is necessary to purchase a subscription to the Guardian Digital Secure Network or an annual support subscription in order to obtain system and security updates.

About Guardian Digital, Inc.

Guardian Digital, Inc., the first full-service open source security company, is dedicated to providing secure Internet infrastructure solutions for business. Guardian Digital produces software to securely manage all Internet opera-tions, perform intrusion detection and firewall functions, conduct eBusiness, as well as secure turn-key server appliances. Guardian Digital products address the increasing demand for cost-effective and standards-based platforms for developing a secure Internet presence. To learn about Guardian Digital s products and comprehen-sive service offerings, visit Guardian Digital on the Web at http://www.GuardianDigital.com or call 1-866-GD-LINUX.


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