November 20, 2001

Guardian Digital delivers enterprise Internet server solution

Author: JT Smith

Guardian Digital, Inc., the open
source security company, has today released the enterprise edition of its
highly successfuly EnGarde Secure Linux server operating system. EnGarde
Secure Professional is a comprehensive software solution that provides all
the tools necessary to build a complete online presence.

The EnGarde Secure Professional integrated software solution offers
unsurpassed levels of security, ease of use, and the most sophisticated
Open Source Web-based management system available. The EnGarde Secure
Workgroup Suite, also today released, accompanies EnGarde Secure
Professional to form a complete intranet and collaboration environment.

Capable of supporting thousands of virtual Web sites, e-mail and DNS
domains, this proven enterprise-ready solution marks EnGarde Secure
Professional as the reliable and robust platform for building a complete
corporate Internet presence.

"The ability to quickly and securely get online without requiring a Linux
administrator or security engineer on staff, combined with the ability to
build a robust intrusion detection device or firewall, marks EnGarde
Secure Professional as a cost-effective enterprise solution for business,"
states Benjamin D. Thomas, Guardian Digital Project Manager.

Building on the versatility and security of the EnGarde Secure Linux
Community version released in March, 2001, EnGarde Secure Professional
offers enterprise features and support that combine to deliver the most
powerful multi-purpose Internet communication platform.

Using the integrated Guardian Digital Secure Network service, first
offered as a free trial for EnGarde Secure Linux Community users, is a
means for providing software distribution and product updates, the ability
to quickly communicate with technical support resources, and download
security and product information alerts. Never before has it been easier
to maintain a high level of security and confidence that an organization's
servers are operating efficiently.

EnGarde Secure Professional offers the following features:

  • Web, e-mail, database and DNS services, pre-configured for
    ISPs, ASPs, and fast-growing enterprises.
  • Sophisticated Web-based management system enables organizations to
    build an online presence quickly and securely.
  • Guardian Digital Secure Network provides access to the latest
    software updates, security notifications, technical support, and
  • Security Control Center for configuring access control, SSL
    certificate and SSH key management functions, and more.
  • Gateway firewall including Network Address Translation (NAT) and
    port forwarding to keep out cybervandals.
  • Secure by default ensures that only authorized users are permitted
    access to your corporate assets.
  • Integrated network and host intrusion detection provides
    inherent protection from Trojan horses and protection from
    unauthorized system access.
  • Comprehensive hardware support, including ISA, RAID, SCSI and USB.
    Increased internationalization supports global environments.

For a complete list of new features, visit

The EnGarde Secure Workgroup Suite, also today released, brings intranet
and collaboration features to small organizations and IT workgroups. This
secure and easy-to-use collection accompanies an existing EnGarde Secure
Professional installation and includes WebMail, Windows file and print
sharing, Windows Domain Controller support, Virtual Private Networking
(VPN) using PPTP, user and filesystem quotas, and more.

EnGarde Secure Professional and the EnGarde Secure Workgroup Suite are
available for ordering immediately from and through
distribution channels. EnGarde Secure Professional is available for $549
and EnGarde Secure Workgroup is available for only $49.95. All products
include installation and configuration support within 60 days of purchase.
Registered customers also receive a free trial to the Guardian Digital
Secure Network.

EnGarde Secure Professional is also available in pre-configured turnkey
rackmount Internet servers from Guardian Digital. The Guardian Digital
Linux Lockbox is a highly reliable complete eBusiness solution, configured
to address space-saving considerations at co-location facilities, ISPs,
and ASPs.

Guardian Digital offers comprehensive support options for organizations
choosing EnGarde as their Internet platform. Guardian Digital can help
bridge the support gap between the fast-paced nature of the Internet, open
source software development, security, and commerce. Guardian Digital
offers Professional Consulting for organizations requiring customization
assistance. Guardian Digital Enterprise support is available for
authoritative answers to the most difficult questions.

About Guardian Digital, Inc.

Guardian Digital, Inc., the first full-service open source security
company, is dedicated to providing secure Internet infrastructure
solutions for business. Guardian Digital produces software to securely
manage all Internet operations, perform intrusion detection and firewall
functions, conduct eBusiness, as well as secure turnkey server appliances.
Guardian Digital products address the increasing demand for cost-effective
and standards-based platforms for developing a secure Internet presence.
To learn about Guardian Digital's products and comprehensive service
offerings, visit Guardian Digital on the Web at or call 1-866-GD-LINUX.

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