June 18, 2003

Guardian Digital Launches 'Rewards for the Community' Program

June 16, 2003 -- Allendale, New Jersey -- Guardian Digital, Inc.,
the premier open source Internet security company, today unveiled
Rewards for the Community, the latest addition to the list of
services currently provided to users of Guardian Digital software. Also
announced today is the creation of the EnGarde Developer's Corner,
a central repository of EnGarde code and applications designed to enhance
the functionality of EnGarde.

Offering the ability to obtain free, unlimited access to system and
security software updates and improvements, the service is available
to open source community members with proven contributions to the EnGarde
Secure Linux community of users.

Innovative in its design and in implementation, Rewards for the Community
is a service component of the Guardian Digital Secure Network uniquely
available to qualified users of the Community Edition of EnGarde Secure

Members of the Rewards for the Community program regularly contribute
their time and expertise in a particular area of concentration relating
to EnGarde, brandishing their achievements on a Web page, from which
others can then benefit.

"This novel, modern approach to software distribution and development
provides value to those users eager to benefit from the merits of EnGarde,
and have the time and resources to give back to further its development,"
writes Benjamin D. Thomas, senior project manager, Guardian Digital.
"Guardian Digital is pleased to reward free GDSN access to a selection
of Community members every month that showcase their experiences with

Demonstrating unwavering commitment to the open source community as well
as to the proven open source development model, Guardian Digital strives
to reward EnGarde users for their dedication.

"When I found EnGarde two years ago, it was the answer to my security and
management needs," writes Marcus Redivo, AS/400 programmer and
frequent EnGarde contributor. "The latest version plus free access to the
GDSN allows me to focus my financial resources on my small consulting
practice, working towards positive cash flow, while at the same time not
having to worry about security."

Whether it's writing documentation on how to configure a VPN using EnGarde,
reporting your experiences, providing potential future EnGarde
users with information on why you've chosen EnGarde to protect your
online assets, writing a product review, or even making your EnGarde Web page
visible within Google's searching distance, Guardian Digital will provide you
with unlimited access to the GDSN for your copy of EnGarde for a
limited time.

How do I Join?

To become a member of the Rewards for the Community program and receive
free access to the benefits of the Guardian Digital Secure Network including
system and security updates, join one of the online message board
forums created for the community:

  • Showcase
    - Got a unique EnGarde story to tell?

    Help us spread the word about EnGarde by writing about why you're using EnGarde,
    what you were using previously, some unique use you've found, and what you find
    compelling about the award-winning secure operating system.

  • Developers
    - Interested in porting your favorite app to EnGarde?
    Send in your favorite application, ready to run with EnGarde, or chat with other
    developers about how to accomplish it.
  • Documentation/Training
    - Got a nifty tip for improving operation?
    Use your tenacious desire to tweak the security, performance, or some other aspect of
    EnGarde. Write out the steps for all to see, true to the spirit of open source.
  • Implementation
    - Using EnGarde for a special purpose?
    Use the secure and flexible machine that is EnGarde to provide the foundation for
    a new project, distribution. Design the ability for EnGarde to do something new,
    unique, or appeal to a different audience.
  • WebTool Enhancements
    - Interested in writing a plug-in for additional WebTool functionality?
    Learn how to expand the finest open source manager available to provide support for
    managing your applications.

Click on the link to the area corresponding with one you're interested in to find
out more.

Exemplary displays of contributions to the community are eligible to
receive a free six-month subscription to the Guardian Digital Secure
Network in addition to the thirty-day free trial subscription!

EnGarde Developer's Corner

EnGarde Secure Linux is comprised of hundreds of open source applications,
freely available for download from Guardian Digital. Now, EnGarde users
can fortify their installation with freely available enhancements, some of which
were previously only offered in Guardian Digital enterprise software applications.

Focusing on areas including Virtual Private Networking, Programming, Security
Hacking, Intrusion Detection, and other diverse Internet technologies, the EnGarde
Developer's Corner delivers applications designed to extend the functionality
of EnGarde in key ways. Among the applications areas under active development

  • Encryption & System Security (CryptoAPI, FreeS/WAN)
  • Programming (Zope)
  • Security Hacking (nmap, nessus)
  • Intrusion Detection (ACID, airsnort)
  • Network Monitoring (Nagios, dsniff)
  • Firewalls (Shorewall)

  • Internet Connectivity (Squid, LDAP, RADIUS)
  • Database Development (PHPMyAdmin, PostgreSQL)

To get involved with development or information on how to implement these
improvements on your system, visit the EnGarde Developer's Corner Web site.

About EnGarde Secure Linux

EnGarde Secure Linux, Community Edition, is geared towards Linux and
security enthusiasts, small businesses, and those seeking a foundation upon
which to develop a secure Internet presence. Fully web-managable and
engineered to be secure, EnGarde provides a secure firewall and
Internet gateway, standard Internet services, and is simple to use.

About Guardian Digital, Inc.

Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, offers the first secure,
open source Internet infrastructure system. Based on Guardian Digital's operating system
platform, EnGarde, the company provides enterprises with the software and services
necessary for secure computing on the Internet. By leveraging the merits of the
collaborative open source design model, coupled with the company's security and Internet
expertise, Guardian Digital solutions maintain the highest degree of security and
reliability. Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital is headquartered in Allendale, New
Jersey. For additional information, please visit www.guardiandigital.com or call

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