April 2, 2001

Guardian Digital presents EnGarde Secure Linux

Author: JT Smith

Guardian Digital, the Open Source security company, has today announced
immediate availability of EnGarde Secure Linux, a comprehensive suite
of Open Source tools that provide a secure and stable foundation for
building a secure Internet presence.

Engineered from the ground up with specific regard to security, EnGarde
Secure Linux incorporates intrusion alert capabilities, a complete
suite of e-business applications using AllCommerce, improved
and access control, strong cryptography, and complete SSL secure
administration capabilities.

EnGarde protects against many forms of attack, not just a particular
of vulnerability. It is also not just a repackaged version of another
distribution that claims to be secure. EnGarde is a collection of
best-of-breed applications from many sources tuned to provide exactly
what is necessary to maintain a secure Internet presence.

Featuring the Linux Intrusion Detection System integrated into its
as well as Web-manageable Tripwire, tools from many Open Source
projects including Openwall, snort network intrusion detection system,
extensive host security improvements, EnGarde Secure Linux strives to
the most secure, yet functional, Linux distribution to date.

EnGarde Secure Linux v1.0.1 is available for download from
http://www.EnGardeLinux.org. Pre-orders are currently being accepted,
will be shipping by April 9, 2001. Orders will include a printed
free installation support, and a trial subscription to Guardian
Digital's secure online network services.

Guardian Digital provides a complete range of support options including
incident-based and contractual, as well as AllCommerce development and

For pre-configured server appliance solutions featuring customized
Secure Linux and further information about Guardian Digital, please
visit us on the Web at http://www.GuardianDigital.com.

Guardian Digital, Inc.


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