October 2, 2001

Guerilla Open Source development

Author: JT Smith

chris hubbard tells us of a discussion item posted on WildCharacters.com: "I've been thinking about the PHP market, as it seems pretty flat. Wondering what I can do to improve the situation while I'm looking for work. I think I've got an interesting idea.
What if every open-source developer identified an .asp or .NET site and volunteered to convert the site to PHP &/or Perl? Along the way we could throw in a couple fixes to the logic/flow of the site. Every web site could be tweaked in some way to make the owners happier. Imagine. While it is probable that I won't get any business out of the site that I've converted (I was a volunteer remember?), I do have a larger pool to pull work from." More here.


  • Open Source
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