GUI font installer being ported to KDE control panel


Author: JT Smith

by Tina Gasperson
Craig Drummond is porting his graphical font installer, kfontinst, to KDE’s control panel. Previously, the program was a stand-alone designed for use in the KDE desktop environment, but Drummond plans to make it a tightly integrated function that has the potential to be distributed right along with the rest of the KDE modules. Drummond has set up a website to display project progress and screenshots at One of the improvements to the new version of kfontinst he promises is the ability to configure X11, Ghostscript, and Star Office for truetype and type 1 fonts, and to preview fonts.

kfontinst isn’t the only graphical font previewer and installer that’s been developed for X, but it appears to be one of only a handful. A project called gGlyph is listed at, but appears to have been neglected since about a year ago. Another, called gfontview, previews fonts but doesn’t install them. Drummond is soliciting comments and suggestions for improvements to kfontinst. He can be contacted at

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