June 14, 2006

A guide for the users of phpBB published!

Kshipra Singh writes "phpBB is a free, open source Internet community application, with outstanding discussion forums and membership management. Written in the PHP scripting language, and making use of the popular MySQL database, phpBB is a standard among web hosting companies throughout the world, and is one of the most widely-used bulletin board packages in the world.

This book, phpBB: A user guide (ISBN: 1904811914), gives you the power to use phpBB to set up and run your own online discussion forums with ease. The emphasis is on simple, and practical guidance for you to get the most from phpBB.Packed with step-by-step examples, the book is your ideal guide to learning phpBB.

The book will give you the skills to set up your own phpBB-powered discussion forum and online community:

-Install and configure phpBB

-Manage topics, postings, smilies, and users

-Understand phpBB themes and styles

-Customize the look of your phpBB site

-Master forum permissions

This book is ideal if you are just starting with online communities and want a powerful and free tool. No experience of web programming is required.

More details about the book are available at:

Link: PacktPub.com

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