February 20, 2001

GUIs and inclusiveness knock heads

Author: JT Smith

The GUI as we know it needs to change. It excludes too many people
and hinders too much productivity.

In This Story:

Weakness Of The GUI

Visually Disadvantaged

Adaptive Interface

Daunting Task

"Our notion of the "best" man/machine interface (MMI) was formed
largely by the Macintosh, which was introduced in 1984.
In the years since then, GUIs have become more colorful and more
sophisticated, but there's nothing that a Mac user of 1984 wouldn't
recognize. The standard WIMP (window/icon/menu/pointer) metaphor has
become so entrenched that it seems the natural order of things.
We have trouble imagining any alternative way for interacting with a computer." Read more at OSOpinion.com.


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