April 17, 2006

Gutierrez on the Record: A Good Man in a Storm

Andy Updegrove writes "When Peter Quinn announced the adoption of the new Massachusetts Enterprise Technology Reference Model (which included the OpenDocument Format) in September of last year, he specified January 1, 2007 as the conversion date for ODF. Late last week, his successor (Louis Gutierrez) gave Carol Sliwa at Computerworld his first interview since taking over the reins. Not surprisingly, one of the questions Sliwa asked was "Will the deadline hold?" The answer was yes and no – yes, the preparations are going full speed ahead, with internal trials and an accessibility lab. But no, in the sense that (not surprisingly), there will not be a magic date when 50,000 copies of Office get yanked out of PCS and an equal number of copies of ODF supporting software get loaded up. In answering the questions, Gutierrez demonstrates a measured, pragmatic and politically skillful approach that represents a timely, and perhaps necessary, contrast to that of his more vocal predecessor, Peter Quinn."

Link: ConsortiumInfo.org

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