[Hack] Accessing the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS


  The Tizen based Samsung Z1 has now gone on sale in India, and now has also began its rollout in Bangladesh, but there is one major problem that faces overseas linux enthusiasts / early Tizen adopters that have purchased the Z1, namely being you can only access the Tizen Store using the Samsung Z1 from the country that this product is currently being sold in.

Foreign developers / users want to explore Tizen, to have a real linux based Smartphone at their finger tips and know what all the fuss is about. Some “Companies†however might not however want foreigners snooping around a Tizen Store as some apps might not be localised for other regions or might not have relevant content, but to devs and tech savvy people I think we can accept that understanding and moreover want to be part of a new Tizen ecosystem.   Tizen Store Access Rules So to access the store you would probably just need a proxy server and you would be in, right? Wrong. There are some Interesting dynamics used in the Samsung Z1 Smartphone logic to allow access to the Tizen Store. Users are automatically directed to Tizen Store for their country, based on the Mobile Country Code (MCC) of their

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