January 25, 2003

Hacker Steals Personal Data on Foreign Students

BrianWCarver writes "The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article describing an incident in which "a hacker broke into the computers in the international-students office of the University of Kansas last week and stole personal information on more than 1,400 foreign students. The university had collected the data for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, or Sevis, a database that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service uses to monitor and track foreign students." Marilu Goodyear, vice provost for information systems, "blamed the attack on a "hole" in the security system on the computer holding the Sevis data. Ironically, the weakness apparently was created when her office updated the security features on the computer's Microsoft operating system." See also interviews with affected students and more info from KMBC-TV. Another reason to support The EFF and EPIC who oppose such databases."

Link: chronicle.com


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