August 27, 2001

Hackers' bonfire of the vanities

Author: JT Smith

From I.T.: "It's late on a dark, rainy Friday night as a team of some of Europe's best network security
experts trawl the woods for a rogue base station.
They weave between ghostly birch trees to hunt the hacker who has commandeered part of
the wireless local area network (LAN) from inside his tent.
Holding out laptops with antennas stuck to the top, the posse tracks base signals. They
compare signals until they find one that doesn't match their map - the rogue station.
But instead of hauling in the hacker, they politely ask him to turn off the offending station.
It's all in a night's work at HAL2001, Europe's largest open-air hacking festival."


  • Linux
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