August 6, 2007

Haiku OS Conference cancelled, FalterCon planned

Author: JT Smith

Less than one month after being announced, the Haiku project suddenly pulled the plug on WalterCon 2007, its yearly conference for user and developers for the Haiku operating system. In response, a small group of community members -- including those folks that were left with non-refundable, non-transferable plane tickets -- are planning a community gathering at the upcoming Linux 16th Picnic that they call FalterCon 2007.

According to the FalterCon website, FalterCon is "an impromptu gathering of Haiku users, developers and supporters initiated spontaneously by the community in response to the last minute cancellation of the WalterCon 2007 conference by the Haiku project."

While not meant to be what WalterCon should have been, FalterCon still seems like a great opportunity for community members as well as those interested in BeOS-like operating systems to get to know each other, do advocacy for Haiku (demo CDs and leaflets are being prepared for the event), and exchange information about the project in general. Laptops will also be at hand to show Haiku OS in action.

The FalterCon folks also plan to hold a Haiku Bounties Donation Drive, an initiative to support the Haiku project through the bounty system recently initiated by as a way to give further incentive to those who develop in the Haiku platform.



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