February 26, 2007

Haiku Tech Talk at Google: A Critical View

Anonymous Reader writes "While the Haiku/BeOS community has gone wild about the project's recent presentation at Google (video and photos), not everyone seems to think that the Haiku arguments are as compelling anymore. Frank Paul Silye (frankps) recently blogged a more critical view of the presentation, expressing his believe that some of the points made by project leader Michael Phipps were not completely true. Some of the arguments in Frank's blog may be debatable, and one may not agree with everything he says, but it is still refreshing that there are members inside the Haiku community with an open mind and a critical eye on their project; this could actually help up and coming Haiku become more relevant in the crowded arena of desktop OSes. As a side note, Frank is also the author of Zeta - Das Handbuch, a book about the ZETA operating system that he wrote back when the OS was being developed by now defunct yellowTAB."
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