August 23, 2007

Haiku Turns 6, Sets Self-hosting as Goal for First Alpha Release

Author: JT Smith

Haiku, the project trying to recreate BeOS in open source form, has recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. The start of the project (initially called OpenBeOS) was marked by an email titled OK, letââ¬â¢s start sent to the Haiku mailing list by Haiku developer Marcus Overhagen on August 18, 2001. Six years later, Haiku has gone through its ups and downs, but development is progressing steadily. Recently, many critical bugs have been fixed and stability has been increased greatly, and the project seems to finally been approaching its first alpha release, which is set to happen when we can officially self-host. In another Haiku-related news, the folks from FalterCon, the impromptu gathering of Haiku users, developers and supporters recently held in the Bay Area, have released video footage of the event.



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