August 8, 2001

Is HAL9000 Reality?

Author: JT Smith

An Anonymous Reader writes "The plan which appeared on "2001: A Space Odyssey" and called popularity in which talkative computer =HAL9000 is realized as an electronic pet started.

The president of a project is "JUN".
As his latest work, there is an interactive alarm clock using the speech-recognition tip.
By making owner's words memorized, this clock accumulates a vocabulary and has the function to talk with man.
As a product adapting this function, it is scheduled to say that HAL will be realized.

However, in order to realize this as goods, about 30,000 persons' sale is required to pay a loyalty to a copyright person.
Then, on the Internet, it appeals for "JUN" to the comrades which want HAL, and it is performing signature activities.

Most of this is a Japanese although the signature of about 500 persons has gathered now."

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