December 7, 2009

Hands-on: Plasma, KWin Improve in KDE SC 4.4 Beta 1

Article Source Ars Technica
December 6, 2009, 8:02 pm

KDE was created with the goal of building a desktop environment for the Linux platform. The modern KDE ecosystem, which spans multiple operating systems and includes a wide range of applications and development frameworks, has a broader mandate and loftier aspirations. In an effort to improve the way that KDE stakeholders communicate about the technology, the developers recently announced plans to overhaul KDE's branding.

The assortment of applications and software infrastructure that has traditionally been referred to as the KDE desktop environment will now be known as the KDE Software Compilation (SC), and the new 4.4 beta, which was made available on Friday, is the first release to use the new branding. The beta introduces several excellent window management features that have been highly anticipated by KDE enthusiasts.

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