November 20, 2006

The Happy State of (ODF implementation in) Mass.

Andy Updegrove writes "Last week I wrote about the sorry state of IT funding in Massachusetts, so to even out the picture, I'm writing this time about the happy fact that ODF funding is unaffected, and that I've been told that all is proceeding on schedule. I also have a second reason for spreading the news, which comes from the other side of the globe. Sad to say, I am hearing from Malaysia that those who are working to see ODF adopted as a Malaysian National Standard are being confronted with the same tactics there that were so pervasive here a year ago, including the dissemination of a great deal of misinformation. I've been asked as a result to provide a recap of the Massachusetts experience, focusing on whether it has succeeded or failed, and on what the consequences have been for those in government that have supported the effort along the way."


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