February 22, 2001

Hard drive benchmarking with iozone

Author: JT Smith

"Try this experiment some time on an unsuspecting geek friend:

Ask your unwitting subject about the performance of his or her newest computer, and I bet you'll be treated to a litany of specs: how many
megahertz or gigahertz the processor and graphics chip are, how much memory is on the motherboard and the graphics board, what kind and size
of cache the CPU uses, etc. But nowhere in this recital will your friend tell you anything specific about the hard drives in the system--no data
transfer rates, no platter RPM values, no drive cache sizes, etc. For many computer users, even the hardest of the hard core, disk drives are "just
there," and any detail beyond the drive being EIDE or SCSI, or (possibly) UDMA 66 or UDMA 100 or some particular sub-flavor of SCSI, is a
mystery." More from Lou Grinzo at LinuxPlanet.com.


  • Unix
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