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One Laptop Per Child Launches XO Tablet Via Walmart

A deal with Walmart gives OLPC a shot at bring educational technology to the poor in the U.S. and potentially more scale for emerging markets.

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The Raspberry Pi Needs a Roadmap

As the tiny $25/$35 Linux computer dubbed Raspberry Pi continues to spawn imaginative concepts, including Pi-based supercomputers and home security systems, it is proving that basic hardware combined with Linux can usher in great ideas. That has caused some to wonder what the future of the Pi is. Will it appear in upgraded versions that allow for ever more sophisticated projects based on it? According to Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in an interview with TuxRadar, there is no such upgrade path in the works. In fact, Upton sounds downright shocked by the speedy success of the Raspberry Pi. In the TuxRadar piece, Upton says: "We have no room for additional RAM on the device at the moment. We’ve established that that’s as much RAM as we’re ever going to have - we have no ability to...

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FreeBSD Made Much Progress These Past Few Months

The FreeBSD Foundation has published their latest quarterly status report to make known the current state of the popular BSD operating system project...

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Mesa 9.2, R600 SB Also Good For Older AMD GPUs

Mesa 9.2 and the R600 Gallium3D shader optimization back-end can deliver some nice performance gains for various generations of AMD Radeon HD graphics cards...

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Is the Post-PC Industry Headed for Premature Stagnation?

The PC reigned supreme for decades, but there are hints that the timespan that post-PC devices will have in the sun could be much shorter.

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