August 1, 2003

HARTR Master Driver Now Available for SIXNET Linux IPm Controller s and RTUs

HART(r) Master Driver Now Available for SIXNET Linux IPm Controllers and

A new HART(r) Master Driver option called "SXIPM-HART" enables SIXNET's IPm
line of embedded Linux based Controllers and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) to
gather variables and other data directly from HART compatible smart
transmitters and devices.

The SXIPM-HART software module puts variables and transmitter data into the
SIXNET IPm I/O registers, making transmitter data directly available to
applications running in the IPm unit (such as IEC61131 programs and Sixlog
data logging), or other networked SIXNET devices through the standard
peer-to-peer capabilities of SIXNET controllers. The HART data is also
universally available as Modbus I/O registers using the Modbus master and
slave drivers resident in all SIXNET controllers and RTUs.

Current compatible SIXNET product applications for the SXIPM-HART software
are the SixTRAK IPm Open DCS Controller, VersaTRAK IPm Open Remote Terminal
Unit, and the OEM/Linux model SixTRAK I/O Controller.

SXIPM-HART is a Linux based application that integrates with the IPm unit's
embedded Linux firmware, and can be installed and configured using SIXNET's
easy to use Windows utilities.

For information on the SXIPM-HART software module and associated SIXNET IPm
hardware products, visit, or e-mail
SXIPM-HART can be purchased directly through SIXNET's web store at

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HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communications Foundation

Information on the SXIPM-HART:


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