October 8, 2001

Has the development of window managers slowed?

Author: JT Smith

Slashdot: "al3x asks: 'When I first got into Linux nearly five years ago, the new releases of competing window managers (like Blackbox,
Enlightenment, Sawfish, etc.) were a constant thrill, and great strides were made with every release. I can't count the number
of nights spent trying to get that sexy new E build to work, and what fun it was! But these days, window manager
development seems to be stagnating. The last stable release of Enlightenment is from last year. Sawfish hasn't done much
of anything in months, nor has Blackbox. WindowMaker had a recent update, but not with any exciting new features (it is rock solid, however).
Now, verging from the paths of window manager favoritism or "they haven't been updated because they just work," why has development in this
arena slowed to a crawl, and what's on the horizon?'"


  • Linux
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