July 19, 2002

Have a Linux or Open Source story to tell?

Yes, we want your story about Linux or Open Source, especially how you used either or both in a business environment. You can either write it yourself or talk to one of the NewsForge editors and we'll take it from there.

We get a steady stream of email from people working for large companies, small companies, government agencies, school districts, and non-profit organizations that are thinking about deploying Linux and moving toward Open Source in general. One question that pops up over and over is, "Can you tell me about someone in a situation similar to mine, who made the switch, and what they had to go through and how it's worked out?"

We'd like to build a collection of "Open Source success stories" we can point to when we get questions, and we can use your help.

If you have a good Open Source success story, please email editors@newsforge.com. (Not that you should never hesitate to email us; we're always happy to hear from you.)


- Robin "Roblimo" Miller
NewsForge editor in chief


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