July 22, 2002

Headway Software releases world's first Architects Workbench

Headway Software announced today the release of Headway reView 3.2.5, the world's first software intelligence tool for architects and team leads. Combining source code visualization and analysis Headway reView allows a development team to mine their code-base for optimally presented meaningful data, ensuring an unmatched understanding of the information locked inside. From the high-level architecture and design, to the lowest level of detail in the source code, the information is made available to optimize the code-baseâs design, and consequently, the value of it to the organization.
Headway reView delivers practical, useful visualisations of a code-base/design that are guaranteed to be totally up-to-date and accurate. Analysis and research tools allow developers to thoroughly engage with their source code and design, so that their evolution is constantly understood and controlled.

Chris Chedgey, Headway Software co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, identified the need for Headway reView while working as Chief Architect at SPAR Aerospace. While developing Canada Arm 2 for the International Space Station, Chedgey became frustrated that the tools his team needed simply didn't exist. "Software is one of the most important assets for many organizations today.," said Chedgey.

" However, it is an asset that is very complex and undergoes constant change. Maximizing the value of software is a battle against complexity, where the challenge is to incorporate new requirements and modifications in a productive and maintainable way. The biggest barrier to success is the difficulty of quickly gaining a thorough understanding of how the code-base is structured, where all the interdependencies lie, and how the code-base can be improved."

Being code-centric, Headway review has access to all the information about a code-base and provides a set of analysis tools to expose the inner workings. There is no separation of code-base and design. The code IS the design. The results of code-base analyses are presented in the model so that the developer can not only find problems, but also understand the context in which they occur.

Headway reView gives views of the code-base in the past, present and future so that comparisons can be made to better understand why and how changes have or are being made.

Product features:

* Intuitive Design Visualizations
* Source, OO and Design Metrics
* Re-engineering Support
* Snapshot Comparisons for tracking change

* Fast, scalable reverse engineering

Headway reView is priced at US$3000 per license. For sales information call 1-877-HEADWAY (US only) or email sales@headwaysoftware.com.

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