February 19, 2002

Help shape next SQL standard

Author: JT Smith

3770 writes, "Since open standards are good for pretty much everyone except closed source, multi billion, software companies that try to lock their customers into their proprietary technology I thought that the NewsForge readers might welcome a chance to help shape the next SQL-standard. The Mimer SQL Validator lets you validate any given SQL-statement against SQL-92, SQL-99 and, get this, SQL-200x (Draft spec, 2002-01-11). It stores your statement, if you'll allow it, and it will be used by the ISO SQL-200x standards committee to make statistics on commonly used features and errors to be used in the standards work. So, don't ask what SQL can do for you. Ask what you can do for SQL. In the process you will find out the proprietary features that you are already using."
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