Heptio Launches New Open Source Load-Balancing Project with Kubernetes in Mind


Heptio added a new load balancer to its stable of open-source projects Monday, targeting Kubernetes users who are managing multiple clusters of the container-orchestration tool alongside older infrastructure.

Gimbal, developed in conjunction with Heptio customer Actapio, was designed to route network traffic within Kubernetes environments set up alongside OpenStack, said Craig McLuckie, co-founder and CEO of Heptio. It can replace expensive hardware load-balancers — which manage the flow of incoming internet traffic across multiple servers — and allow companies with outdated but stable infrastructure to take advantage of the scale that Kubernetes can allow.

“We’re just at the start of figuring out what are the things (that) we can build on top of Kubernetes,” said McLuckie in an interview last week at Heptio’s offices in downtown Seattle. The startup, founded by McLuckie and fellow Kubernetes co-creator Joe Beda, has raised $33.5 million to build products and services designed to make Kubernetes more prevalent and easy to use.

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