May 17, 2003

Hey SCO, sue me

- By Robin 'Roblimo' Miller -
Yes, these people are using their 'Hey SCO, sue me' petition to badger poor, hapless SCO. Worse, they're inviting you to join them. If you are the kind of person who enjoys tormenting companies that seem bent on destroying Linux, you may want to sign this petition yourself. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and SCO will actually sue you for using Linux.Naturally, we here at NewsForge can't directly advocate doing such a thing. It's entirely possible that SCO will lose its case against IBM, lose against companies that publish their own Linux distributions, and get told to take a hike by companies that use Linux in their operations if SCO decides to hit them up for licensing fees. And then, with no one else left to sue, they might turn against individual users.

We wouldn't want you, our Loyal Reader, to be faced with a lawsuit, no matter how bogus, from SCO (unless that's what you want from life). So please think long and hard before you decide to sign this thing.

Oh. One more thing: At some point SCO may deny that they're going to sue individual Linux users. But you should be careful when listening to their people. You may not remember this NewsForge story that ran shortly before all the hoo-hah began, but we do!


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