April 4, 2003

High-Availability.Com introduces RSF-1 on Linux

Grenville Whelan writes "High-Availability.Com (HAC), a leading provider of easy and affordable high availability (HA) clustering solutions for Unix environments, today announced that it has released an aggressively-priced "all-in" RSF-1 solutions package to provide High Availability for Linux systems.

The new package is a complete solution to provide High Availability services for Linux environments, including application monitoring support for many popular Linux applications including MySQL and Oracle databases, Apache Web servers, Samba file services and many other popular applications.

The aggressively priced $599 bundle includes: downloadable software and documentation, 2 x RSF-1 Linux licenses, RSF-1 application monitoring agents and 12 months email support. Alternative maintenance packages are available in a choice of options with simple and aggressive pricing designed to bring known fixed-pricing (including Total Cost of Ownership), and a simple yet complete solutions package that is ready to deploy.

RSF-1, the first commercially available High Availability product for Linux and first launched in 1995, integrates seamlessly with many popular applications enabling higher availability through the use of fail over mechanisms that are triggered in the event of hardware, Operating System, Network or application failure. HAC provide application-monitoring agents, which allow critical services to be constantly monitored by the RSF-1 Application Monitoring Interface, whereby a server failure will result in instant restart and/or recovery of the service on a standby node.

The new $599 RSF-1 for Linux package is available online now at http://www.linux-high-availability.com"

Link: linux-high-availability.com

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