September 28, 2005

High Perfoemance IP Routing and NAT for PowerQUICC

Arabella Software Inc. writes "Arabella Software, a leading supplier of "Customized Linux and Fast Path Microcode Solutions" for embedded applications based on Freescale processors containing PowerPC® cores, today announced two new additions to its EFP (Expedited Fast Path) Products - a revolutionary line of all software solutions designed to boost system-level throughput 10 times that of existing software packages. Based on Arabella's Asymmetrical Multi-Processor architecture and using microcode acceleration blocks for Freescale’s communications processor module (CPM) and QUICC Engine™, EFP products offer unparalleled performance on standard PowerQUICC processors. The new additions are IP Routing and NAT.

Traditional IP Routing and NAT software applications run on a PowerQUICC II at approximately 40K packets per second. Arabella’s Expedited Fast Path IP Routing and NAT solutions run at 400K packets per second with worst case 64K byte packet sizes. This represents a 10 time increase in performance over what has been accepted as the standard performance benchmarks for the PowerQUICC devices for several years. Better yet, these significant performance gains are achieved without making any hardware changes. Since all the performance critical functionality is done in microcode, the end user can know up front what performance will be achieved before choosing the processor, operating system and protocol stacks.

The EFP product line is based on an innovative system-level concept called Asymmetrical Multi-Processing (AMP). AMP exploits the fact that most embedded communications applications can be partitioned into fast-path and slow-path functions. Fast-path operations are implemented in CPM or QUICC Engine microcode and aggressively optimized for maximum performance while all non-critical operations are left for the PowerPC. The asymmetry of the application (fast/slow-paths) is matched by the asymmetry of the two processors in the device (fast/generic). By aligning these carefully, the EFP products provide functionality and unparalleled levels of performance that were previously only possible on much higher-priced processors.

“With the addition of IP Routing and NAT to the EFP product line, Arabella now provides a complete suite of high performance communications software functionality that can be used in most PowerQUICC based communications applications,” said Bruce Donadt, Vice President of Sales at Arabella. “Since all the performance critical functionality is done in microcode, the end user can know up front what performance will be achieved before choosing the processor, operating system and protocol stacks. Quite often the performance achieved after integrating all of these components falls short of expectations. Such predictability is not possible in all-software stacks and that as a consequence performance expectations often fall short of expectations. These costly risks are eliminated when using the EFP products.”

EFP products can be licensed as complete solutions available under a modified version of Arabella Linux, or they can be licensed separately as components and integrated with other control-plane stacks and/or operating systems.

Arabella’s EFP IP Routing and NAT products are available now starting at $30K USD. EFP licenses are sold as a one-time fee for each end product in which it will be used. Alternatively, Arabella offers an annual subscription fee that enables customers to use EFP with a much-reduced initial payment. All EFP licenses are royalty-free.

Arabella Software

Arabella Software specializes in providing "Customized Linux and Microcode Solutions'' for Freescale processor based embedded applications. We offer a Customized Linux distribution for Freescale processors as well as our own proprietary add-ons. The combination of these components creates a truly unique and highly optimized solution. Additionally, Arabella offers expert customization and support services through its team of top engineers, each boasting over 10 years of experience in working with integrated processors, communications applications and open source environments. U.S. headquarters is located at 300B West Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532, Tel 508-393-4144,"


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