High performance embedded Native IPsec

Arabella Software Inc. writes “Arabella Software Announces High Performance Linux Solutions For Embedded Security Applications

Arabella Secure Linux provides highly optimized “Native IPsec†for Freescale’s PowerQUICC™ Secure Communications Processors

Northborough, Massachusetts — December 13, 2004 — Arabella Software, a leading supplier of “Customized Linux Solutions” for embedded applications based on Freescale’s processors, today announced the availability of Arabella Secure Linux for the Freescale PowerQUICC communications processors with integrated security engines. With its highly optimized version of the Linux “Native IPsec†package, Arabella offers its customers performance on a par with high-end proprietary IPsec packages, but for a small portion of the cost.

Native IPsec is an open-source IPsec implementation that is available in Linux kernels from version 2.6 and on. It provides a complete and standard implementation of the popular IPsec protocol suite. Arabella has optimized the Native IPsec packages for embedded applications and integrated them with its own version of device drivers for the Freescale security processors in order to provide the leading version of Native IPsec for Freescale products. Arabella Secure Linux includes support for Native IPsec as well as other security related applications including NAT, firewall, and SSH.

“The Arabella engineering team invested many months in identifying the bottlenecks in the freely available Linux Native IPsec running on the Freescale security processors. Arabella has benchmarked throughput of an IPsec application on a 400MHz MPC8272 processor (which has an on-chip encryption engine) at over 22,000 packets per second. This makes Arabella’s version of Native IPsec the highest performing version available today. By comparison, standard Native IPsec off-the-net runs the same applications on the same processor at close to 2,000 packets per secondâ€, said Jonathan Masel, President and CEO of Arabella.

“PowerQUICC processors with integrated security engines help equipment manufacturers reduce system-level costs and simplify board layout. Many of our customers are building their embedded software applications on top of the Linux operating system,†said Mike Shoemake, PowerQUICC marketing manager for Freescale. “By providing optimized Linux Native IPsec support, Arabella Secure Linux will enable customers to take advantage of the powerful hardware-based security acceleration features of Freescale’s PowerQUICC processors with integrated security.â€

Arabella Secure Linux is available immediately on PowerQUICC I and PowerQUICC II secure communications processors and will be available for PowerQUICC III in the first quarter of 2005. Along with its optimized Native IPsec package, Arabella also offers the following packages for its Secure Linux: optimized device drivers for nearly all PowerQUICC I and PowerQUICC II peripherals, including Ethernet, Uart, ATM, USB (host and device), PCI, I2C, SPI and PCMCIA. Through the Arabella Quick Start Program, customers can have Arabella deliver the software fully configured and running on their proprietary hardware. The Arabella software is provided as full source code under a GPL License.

Arabella Software

Arabella Software specializes in providing “Customized Linux Solutions” for Freescale processor based embedded applications. We offer a Customized Linux distribution for Freescale processors as well as our own proprietary add-ons. The combination of these components creates a truly unique and highly optimized solution. Additionally, Arabella offers expert customization and support services through its team of top engineers, each boasting over 10 years of experience in working with integrated processors, communications applications and open source environments. The company sells direct in the United States and Israel and through a network of distributors in Europe and the Far East. U.S. headquarters is located at 300B West Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532, Tel 508-393-4144, Fax 508-709-4537, www.arabellasw.com.”

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