May 31, 2006

High Performance Linux Based Gateway Solutions

Bruce Donadt writes "Arabella's EFP products integrated with Kenati’s Linux based NP Platform for gateway solutions provide an unparalleled performance, handling in excess of 1Gbps of traffic.

Northborough, MA, and Sunnyvale, CA, May 30, 2006 – Arabella Software, a leading supplier of "Customized Linux and Microcode Solutions'' for embedded applications based on Freescale processors, and Kenati Technologies “a leader in the SOHO and SMB solutions space” today announced a partnership where the two companies will integrate their software solutions to run on the PowerQUICC processors from Freescale Semiconductor. The combination of Arabella’s Expedited Fast Path (EFP) microcode solutions with Kenati’s Linux based Network Persona (NP™) Platform software will result in PowerQUICC based Gateways and SOHO routers that have throughput rates up to 10 times greater than have been previously available.

Arabella’s EFP product line is based on an innovative system-level architecture that exploits the fact that embedded communications applications can be partitioned into fast-path and slow-path functions. Fast-path operations are entirely implemented in microcode for the PowerQUICC's QUICC Engine or CPM micro-processors and aggressively optimized. The resulting EFP solutions provide an unparalleled level of performance along with rich functionality and yet leave the PowerPC almost entirely free for user applications.

Kenati provides a complete suite of deployment-ready software and applications that are easy to port, configure and customize in a short period of time. The NP™ Suite from Kenati runs on the PowerQUICC processors and consists of industry standard networking stacks running on Linux that are optimized for functionality, such as; Gateway, Wireless, DSL, VoIP and VPN. Each application is packaged with an intuitive, easy to use web interface for the end user and Cisco-like CLI interface for the developer/ network administrator. Kenati enables CPE and MSO vendors to bring their devices to market in record time thus shortening the time to market and accelerating revenue.

The integration of the two solutions will allow Arabella’s EFP fast-path microcode to handle the fast path functionality on the full featured Kenati NP™ Platform software which will dramatically increase the overall systems level throughput. The combined solution will handle in excess of 1Gbps of traffic, or well over half a million packets per second (and up). These are throughput numbers that have never been achieved on such processors by standard software products before (traditional software stacks typically run at just 10% of these numbers).

“We are excited to partner with Kenati Technologies to bring high performance fast-path processing to their NP™ product line,” said Jonathan Masel, President and CEO of Arabella. “The combined solutions from our respective companies will bring performance levels to PowerQUICC based applications that are orders of magnitude greater than what has been achieved before.”

Andy Chinmulgund, CEO of Kenati Technology said “Arabella’s EFP fast-path solutions are the perfect complement to our NP™ end to end suite of software. OEMs/ODMs will find the combined solution to be the fastest performing solution on the PQ processors today. If throughput and market readiness are important considerations for device manufacturers, then the combined Kenati-Arabella product is the best solution available on the market today."

Arabella Software

Arabella Software specializes in providing "Customized Linux and Microcode Solutions'' for Freescale processor based embedded applications. We offer a Customized Linux distribution for Freescale processors as well as our own proprietary add-ons. The combination of these components creates a truly unique and highly optimized solution. Additionally, Arabella offers expert customization and support services through its team of top engineers, each boasting over 10 years of experience in working with integrated processors, communications applications and open source environments. The company sells direct in the United States and Israel and through a network of distributors in Europe and the Far East. U.S. headquarters is located at 300B West Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532, Tel 508-393-4144, Fax 508-630-1280,

Kenati Technologies

Kenati Technologies is a leader in creating software for the SOHO and SMB market. Our offerings include solutions for Wireless, VoIP, VPN and Video CPE devices. All of our platforms implement the new CPE WAN Management (TR-069) protocol which enables Service Providers to manage and provision all CPE devices remotely. Kenati supports all major processors and architectures including PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, XScale and SH. Incorporated in 1999, Kenati Technologies is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and has a development facility in Pune, India. All of our solutions are Linux-based and conform to open standards., Tel: 408 738 2000, Fax: 408 738 9100"


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