July 31, 2002

HiverCon bring security awareness to Europe

Mark Anderson writes: "Developers, admins and security specialists alike meet to discuss the current state of computer security and the need for change."

http://www.hivercon.com/ -- Dublin, Ireland will be the venue for this year's HiverCon. With a rich line-up of high-end technical talks, guests will be given the unprecedented opportunity to meet and learn from the industry leaders on a one to one basis. While covering core problems such as web insecurity and intrusion detection, HiverCon 2002 will also feature talks on the security implications of current and prominent technologies such as Voice over IP and wireless networking.

HiverCon prides itself on its deep knowledge stance, openly discussing unrealised problems and discussing new and innovative solutions. Perhaps the highlight of the two day conference will be the much anticipated keynote speech by Richard Thieme (thiemeworks.com) who will provide a unique and refreshing look at new ways of thinking about computer security.

Rain Forest Puppy (wiretrip.net) will be presenting a talk detailing vulnerable webservers and will include a sampling of an Internet-wide web server scan run by rfp.labs. He will also be making available a new version of the Whisker web assessment tool.

Ofir Arkin (atstake.com) will be speaking on his current area of research, Voice over IP, covering the security issues with VoIP based protocols. The talk will also examine ways to bypass any element in a VoIP architecture.

Simple Nomad (bindview.com) will be discussing stenography, digital drop boxes, covert channels and more in an effort to take the current press regarding terrorists on the internet and seeing how "real world" it actually is.

HiverCon will be accepting submissions for talks until September 6th, after which the final speakers will be announced. For more information on submitting a talk please see the Call For Papers on the website.

Biographies of the speakers as well as information on their talks can be found on the HiverCon website http://www.hivercon.com/ The Burlington Hotel will be hosting HiverCon 2002 in the heart of Dublin city. Details of the hotel, travel and up-to-date conference news is available on the website.

Early registration begins on August 1st and will run until the cutoff date. The Burlington Hotel has graciously reserved a block of reduced cost hotel rooms for HiverCon guests.

Contact mark@hivercon.com for more information."

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