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A Christmas message from the Linux Kernel Mailing List, by Linus Torvalds) —Now, most of you are probably going to be totally bored out of your minds on Christmas day, and here's the perfect distraction. Test 2.6.15-rc7. All the stores will be closed, and there's really nothing better to do in
between meals.

A number of mostly one-liners. The biggest ones are probably some s390
qeth updates and some ipv6 fixes, the rest is just a number of small
fixes. The shortlog gives a pretty good picture of what's going on. I
suspect the forcedeth fix is the one most likely to affect any reasonable
number of people, although the more relaxed usb suspend probably makes
a big difference.

Please do give it a try, and if you have any issues/regressions, send out
a note (even if you sent one earlier) so that we don't forget about it.



Adrian Bunk:
      [SPARC]: Fix RTC build failure.
      include/linux/irq.h: #include
      [SUNGEM]: Fix link error with CONFIG_HOTPLUG disabled.
      [SPARC]: introduce a SPARC Kconfig symbol

Alan Stern:
      usbcore: allow suspend/resume even if drivers don't support it

Alex Williamson:
      [ACPI] increase owner_id limit to 64 from 32

Andi Kleen:
      Fix swiotlb pci_map_sg error handling
      Fix build with CONFIG_PCI_MMCONFIG

Andreas Gruenbacher:
      nfsd: check for read-only exports before setting acls

Andrew Morton:
      Fix memory ordering problem in wake_futex()

Antonino A. Daplas:
      intelfb: Fix freeing of nonexistent resource
      intelfb: Fix oops when changing video mode

ASANO Masahiro:
      fix posix lock on NFS

Bart De Schuymer:
      [BRIDGE-NF]: Fix bridge-nf ipv6 length check

Ben Collins:
      block: Cleanup CDROMEJECT ioctl
      Fix typo in x86_64 __build_write_lock_const assembly

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
      powerpc: g5 thermal overtemp bug

David S. Miller:
      [IPSEC]: Perform SA switchover immediately.
      [SPARC64]: Stop putting -finline-limit=XXX into CFLAGS
      [IPSEC]: Fix policy updates missed by sockets
      [SPARC]: Kill CHILD_MAX.
      [VIDEO] sbuslib: Disallow private mmaps.

David Shaohua Li:
      [ACPI] correct earlier SMP deep C-states on HT patch

Edson Seabra:
      powerpc: CPM2 interrupt handler failure after 100,000 interrupts

Frank Pavlic:
      s390: some minor qeth driver fixes
      s390: minor qeth network driver fixes
      s390: remove redundant and useless code in qeth

Hans Verkuil:
      V4L/DVB (3191): Fix CC output

Hiroyuki YAMAMORI:
      [IPV6]: Fix Temporary Address Generation

Ian McDonald:
      [DCCP]: Comment typo

Ingo Molnar:
      fix spinlock-debugging smp_processor_id() usage

James Bottomley:
      [SCSI] fix scsi_reap_target() device_del from atomic context

      [SCSI] fix for fc transport recursion problem.

Jason Wessel:
      kernel/params.c: fix sysfs access with CONFIG_MODULES=n

Jean Delvare:
      V4L/DVB (3188): Fix compilation failure with gcc 2.95.3.

Knut Petersen:
      Fix framebuffer console upside-down ywrap scrolling

Kristian Slavov:
      [RTNETLINK]: Fix RTNLGRP definitions in rtnetlink.h
      [IPV6]: Fix address deletion

Kurt Huwig:
      n_r3964: fixed usage of HZ; removed bad include

Len Brown:
      [ACPI] fix build warning from owner_id patch

Linus Torvalds:
      Initialize drivers/media/video/saa7134 late
      Fix silly typo ("smb" vs "smp")
      Linux v2.6.15-rc7

Manfred Spraul:
      forcedeth: fix random memory scribbling bug
      add missing memory barriers to ipc/sem.c

Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
      V4L/DVB (3189): Fix a broken logic that didn't cover all standards.
      V4L/DVB SCM Maintainers Update

Michael Chan:
      [TG3]: Fix peer device handling
      [TG3]: Some low power fixes
      [TG3]: Add tw32_wait_f() for some sensitive registers
      [TG3]: Fix ethtool memory test

Mika Kukkonen:
      [NETROM]: Fix three if-statements in nr_state1_machine()
      [VLAN]: Add two missing checks to vlan_ioctl_handler()

Neil Brown:
      md: Change case of raid level reported in sys/mdX/md/level

Neil Horman:
      [SCTP]: Fix sctp to not return erroneous POLLOUT events.

Nicolas Pitre:
      [ARM] 3210/1: add missing memory barrier helper for NPTL support
      fix race with preempt_enable()

Olaf Hering:
      missing license for libphy.ko

Oliver Endriss:
      V4L/DVB (3181): Enable SPDIF output for DVB-S rev 2.3

Patrick McHardy:
      [NETFILTER]: Fix NAT init order
      [NETFILTER]: Fix incorrect dependency for IP6_NF_TARGET_NFQUEUE
      [XFRM]: Handle DCCP in xfrm{4,6}_decode_session

Paul Mackerras:
      powerpc: correct register usage in 64-bit syscall exit path
      powerpc: update defconfigs
      powerpc: Fix i8259 cascade on pSeries with XICS interrupt controller

Paul Walmsley:
      USB Storage: Force starget->scsi_level in usb-storage scsiglue.c

Pavel Roskin:
      orinoco_nortel: Fix incorrect PCI resource use
      orinoco_nortel: Add Symbol LA-4123 ID

Ravikiran G Thirumalai:
      x86_64/ia64 : Fix compilation error for node_to_first_cpu

Ricardo Cerqueira:
      V4L/DVB (3180): Fix tuner 100 definition for hauppauge eeprom
      V4L/DVB (3200): Fix saa7134 ALSA/OSS collisions

Russell King:
      [ARM] Fix sys_sendto and sys_recvfrom 6-arg syscalls

Thomas Renninger:
      [ACPI] fix passive cooling regression

Tom Zanussi:
      relayfs: remove warning printk() in relay_switch_subbuf()

Tony Battersby:
      fix libata inquiry VPD for ATAPI devices

Trond Myklebust:
      RPC: Do not block on skb allocation
      NFS: Fix another O_DIRECT race
      SUNRPC: Fix "EPIPE" error on mount of rpcsec_gss-protected partitions
      NLM: Fix Oops in nlmclnt_mark_reclaim()

      [IPV6]: Fix route lifetime.
      [IPV6]: Flag RTF_ANYCAST for anycast routes.
      [IPV6]: Try not to send icmp to anycast address.
      [IPV6]: Defer IPv6 device initialization until the link becomes ready.
      [IPV6]: Run DAD when the link becomes ready.
      [IPV6]: Don't select a tentative address as a source address.
      [IPV6]: Fix dead lock.

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