May 2, 2003

Hopping mad with SCO

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier writes "I've just about had it with noise from the SCO folks, claiming that their intellectual property has been stolen and appropriated for Linux but refusing to produce one shred of evidence. No, I take that back. I have had it with SCO.

SCO's execs can't even keep straight what the lie du jour is, so I have a very hard time giving any credit to claims that SCO code is being widely misappropriated. Also, where exactly are all the Linux coders supposed to be getting their hands on all this SCO-owned code? It's one thing to say that IBM fed some proprietary code from AIX that SCO has a claim over into Linux (which I still don't buy), now they seem to be saying that other Linux coders have dived into the SCO stuff and put it into the kernel and/or other parts of a traditional GNU/Linux distro."



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