November 23, 2003

Hot Topic reading list: Mono and DotGNU

The Mono and DotGNU projects are Open Source projects that, after several years of development, are beginning to bear fruit. Mono aims to create an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET application frameworks and services. It includes a C# compiler, a runtime for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI or sometimes CLR), and a set of class libraries. The runtime implements counterparts of both ADO.NET and ASP.NET that can be embedded in an application. Likewise, DotGNU attempts to provide an alternative to .NET technology. It comprises a compiler, a library, and a groupware suite. The two projects have some overlap, but also share code and technologies.

This exclusive "Hot Topic" guide is designed to help you get up to speed -- and keep up with -- the latest information and developments surrounding these open source implementations of .NET.


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