December 24, 2006

HotBasic Outperforms Other Leading Compilers

HotBasic Compiler Goes Head-to-Head With the Competition
Contact: Norm Kaiser
Address: 1634 Janet Lane Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
Phone: (850)218-0730 8AM-5PM CST

Fort Walton Beach, Florida – In an initial console application benchmark, HotBasic was shown to excel above Microsoft Visual Basic .Net 2005, Borland C++ 5.5, Bloodshed Dev-C++, and REALBasic 2006 in terms of executable size, memory consumption, and execution time.

A new compiler and programming language called HotBasic is giving the biggest names in software development environments—Microsoft, Borland, and REAL Software—a serious run for their money. In a benchmark test conducted by an independent researcher, HotBasic was shown to generate better applications in terms of size, memory required to run, and overall execution time.
The test consisted of a console application that performed millions of mathematics and store and fetch operations. In all cases, the HotBasic executable was faster and consumed less RAM than the competition. HotBasic, which is based on the classic BASIC programming language, is challenging the conventional wisdom that demanding professional and scientific applications cannot be written in easy, high level programming languages.

HotBasic is capable of creating native code applications for both Windows and Linux.

The HotBasic executable was shown to even outperform equivalent applications written in C/C++, the language touted by many software developers as the best choice for writing applications where performance is critical.
“The findings of this test are very significant,” said HotBasic designer Dr. James J. Keene. “It’s a testimony to HotBasic’s number one design principle—enable professional software developers to create the best executables in the world using a language that is easy to write and easy to understand.”
More benchmarks testing other features of competing compilers are being developed and the results are expected to be published soon.
The full test report is available on the HotBasic website at


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