September 7, 2004

How to Attract Windows Users

Anonymous Reader writes "It seems lately you can't read any tech on-line newspaper about people migrating from Windows to Linux and as great as this may be, unfortunately the majority of people still are unaware there is an alternative or are scared. This problem must be solved in our for the operating system to gain any popularity. It seems Linux companies, such as Linspire, have followed a similar path to that of the two presidential campaigns. Linspire recently launched a flash ad called âRun Linspireâ making fun of Microsoft, claiming it was âTime to set MS on fireâ in a spoof of The Doors song, âLight My Fire.â These tactics won't bring in new users and could possibly have the opposite effects. Only current Linux users would find this humorous and clever, but for potential new users it could be viewed as something silly and in no way explains advantages to actually switching to Linspire or another distribution."


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