How to Be a Stronger DevOps Leader: 9 Tips


IT leaders and DevOps experts tell us that key considerations around talent, measurement, vision, and IT culture are the real secrets to taking DevOps to the next level. Here we share nine of their best tips for IT leaders. Dig in, and then share yours in the comments below.

1. Make everyone accountable to shared goals

Steve Burton, CD and DevOps evangelist, Harness: “For one thing, stop giving people ‘DevOps’ titles and expecting that to magically increase your release cycles. It’s about making people aware of the business objectives and giving them accountability for shared goals. Got Developers? Make them responsible for how their own code acts in production. Got Ops? Find a way for them to spend their time other than hunching over a console and overseeing each release.

For both of them, align their compensation to business outcomes. When it comes to DevOps, it’s deeds, not words – and hiring 100 people with ‘DevOps Engineer’ titles without shared goals, accountability, and compensation-based incentives is a lot like putting 100 tires on your car and expecting it to go faster.”

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