How Comcast is Using OpenDaylight


chris luke opendaylight

By Chris Luke, Senior Principal Engineer, Comcast and OpenDaylight Advisory Group Member

Comcast joined the OpenDaylight Project today and we wanted to share how we’ve been using the OpenDaylight platform and how it fits into our long-term network direction.

We have been testing ODL since the project launched to see where it might fit in and have been impressed by the improvements in functionality and stability with each successive release. We have also been participating with our partner CableLabs on the OpenDaylight sub-project PacketCable PCMM, which aims to develop a southbound plugin for ODL that can manage service flows across Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) devices.

I am also proud to have a chance to serve the community as a founding member of ODL’s official advisory group, which I joined in January 2015. This group plays a critical role to gather and share feedback on how ODL is being used directly with the community. The advisory group is proving to be an effective way to connect with and learn from other OpenDaylight users, something that ultimately benefits the ODL project.

Network Direction

Like many service providers, Comcast is motivated to reduce the operational complexity of our networks. In the near-term this involves significant improvements to network automation under what we call our Programmable Network Platform. This framework outlines a stack of behaviors and abstraction layers that software uses to interact with the network.


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