April 22, 2005

How companies should handle Sarbanes-Oxley compliances

Author: Melanie Hollands

Many CEOs and CFOs of smaller companies appear to be overwhelmed by
compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which
deals with financial and disclosure requirements -- and which also
contains significant protections for corporate whistle-blowers.
Melanie Hollands

So are there software companies that have a good solution for this? Read on.

For the preliminary Section 404 Compliance stuff there were a couple of
packages that help frame the issues a little better, and certainly
Visio (now owned by Microsoft) for process documentation. However, analysts
who forecast that it would be a billion-dollar market for software were
totally wrong.

I'm not sure to what extent companies are going to spend money on new
software in general, let alone anything SarbOx-related in particular.
Companies have a lot of software already, and in many cases it will be
just a case of using it more, not necessarily buying and using more of

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