December 22, 2011

How To Fix Font Rendering In openSUSE 12.1 Gnome 3


I have been a long time Ubuntu user, using since 2005, when I met Mark Shuttleworth at a Linux event and interviewed him. But recently, due to my discomfort with Unity (which will be a great shell once it is fully matured, and there are quite a huge amount of Unity fans) I started using openSUSE with Gnome Shell 3 as prior to 11.10 Ubuntu was not supporting Gnome 3. Well, I am not a puritan user, I use couple of distros - I use Ubuntu/openSUSE on main PC and Fedora on secondary PC. I love Ubuntu for the same reasons I love openSUSE. They are like your babies -- no one is better than the other. So, no distro-war please.

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