May 2, 2003

How to get me to use Linux

You know me. I'm that guy that's got excellent karma on slashdot but has hardly touched linux. I'm a techie, and I'm smart but I'm either too short on time or not technically skilled enough to really switch to linux. But you want me, and you need me, because there are millions of me, and I'm the next step in converting people from microsoft to linux, except it's tough, because I'm smart enough to know my way around windows so it doesn't hassle me in the slightest. I may be a 733t5p34k1ng fifteen year old, or I may be a 40 year old technophile who's a little bit late or shortsighted. Hell, I might even have the disks sitting on my desk, but I haven't gotten around to it because I don't have the time to learn a new system (this is, in fact, the case). Whichever I am, you need to understand why I've held off so long when I'm so close. You want me on your side if you're to build a strong enough network of Linux users to take over the world, or at least free it from the clutches of that which opposes open source.



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