November 11, 2006

How GPLv3 Tackles Licence Proliferation

coriordan writes "Can GPLv3 corral free software licences? I think it can, to an extent. The most obvious way to limit license proliferation is to write new licenses as rarely as possible. So while updating the GPL, it's good to be thorough so that it doesn't have to be done too often. What any one license can do to lessen the problem is less obvious, and this is an area where GPLv3 is breaking new ground. In case the more controversial provisions of GPLv3 have overshadowed the provisions that tackle license proliferation, I've put together this summary as a discussion primer.

The first way that GPLv3 tries to tackle license proliferation is by being adaptable to the needs of various projects. The second is that GPLv3 will be compatible with more Free Software licenses, which will ease one of the main problems created by license proliferation."



  • Free Software
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