March 28, 2005

How the Grokster case will affect free software

SilentBob4 writes " This week will see oral arguments in the US Supreme Court in the case of MGM versus Grokster, a case of titanic dimensions for the rip, mix and burn culture. At issue in the case is whether a product manufacturer can be held liable for copyright infringements by downstream users. And in July, the US ban on the manufacture of HDTVs without a broadcast flag will go into effect. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has been battling for greater openness in the Grokster case and through its open source HDTV computer build-ins. This interview, with EFF legal director Cindy Cohn, will be the first of a series of interviews with EFF staff attorneys fighting the Grokster case, and with geeks who are building KnoppMyth HDTVs before the July ban on doing so hits the US."



  • Legal
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