How I use Wireshark


Hello! I was using Wireshark to debug a networking problem today, and I realized I’ve never written a blog post about Wireshark! Wireshark is one of my very favourite networking tools, so let’s fix that 🙂

Wireshark is a really powerful and complicated tool, but in practice I only know how to do a very small number of things with it, and those things are really useful! So in this blog post, I’ll explain the 5 main things I use Wireshark for, and hopefully you’ll have a slightly clearer idea of why it’s useful.

what’s Wireshark?

Wireshark is a graphical network packet analysis tool.

On Mac, you can download & install it from their homepage, and on Debian-based distros you can install it with sudo apt install wireshark. There’s also an official wireshark-dev PPA you can use to get more up-to-date Wireshark versions.

Wireshark looks like this, and it can be a little overwhelming at first. There’s a slightly mysterious search box, and a lot of packets, and how do you even use this thing?

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