December 14, 2004

How to Install Debian Linux on a desktop computer

Tarun Agnani writes "In this part I will show you how to speed up Debian by using hdparm, getting sound and video to work, and finally wrapping it up with printing.

Speed Improvements with hdparm

hdparm stands for âhard disk parametersâ. Debian comes with fairly conservative hard drive parameters that do not take advantage of DMA that most new hard drives are equipped with. Debian does not comes with hdparm installed by default, so let's go ahead and install it

Make sure you are logged in as root. To switch to root from a normal user account you can use the âsuâ command.

apt-get -y install hdparm

Before we begin, I must warn you that there is a reason Debian does not come with a default hdparm installation and that is hdparm is a risky command. Hdparm can cause unexpected data corruption! However, in my experience and on my system, I haven't had any problems.



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