How the Kubernetes Release Team Works


As a community project, Kubernetes also has a community process for how releases are managed and delivered.

At the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 event, Jaice Singer DuMars, OSS Governance Program Manager, and Caleb Miles, technical program manager at Google, outlined the core process and activities of the Kubernetes Release Special Interest Group (SIG).

“Fundamentally and philosophically, a release is representative of a critical bond between a project and its community,” DuMars said. “At the heart of that is really a covenant of trust and on the release team, or anything to do with releasing, you are actually holder of that trust.”

Given the growing importance of Kubernetes, DuMars said it wouldn’t be a good idea to put out a release that breaks production installations all over the world. 

“Our SIG is committed to constantly improving the release process from all perspectives,” DuMars said.

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