How to Land an IT Job: Showcase your Adaptability


Where do you see your career in 10 years? This classic interview question is getting harder to answer. It’s likely that many of the jobs people will hold in the year 2028 haven’t been invented yet. It’s even more likely that all jobs, especially those in IT, will be different in some way – altered, improved, extinguished, or created as a result of technology.  

That’s one reason why adaptability is becoming a must-have skill in IT. In a new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, CIOs stress that in this era of agile work styles and digital disruption, every single person in IT must be able to cope with changing roles and responsibilities, learn new skills, and work with a wider range of colleagues. 

“The nature of work is changing,” says Malhotra. “Job descriptions are starting to become hybrid in nature, and the millennial workforce is taking on positions that require multiple skills from several disciplines. IT hires who are unable to make clever transitions will be at a distinct disadvantage.” 

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