How Linux Can Save Small Businesses (And Old Hardware)


Many small businesses with tight budgets are facing a tough choice: Stick with obsolete systems and remain vulnerable to hackers, or spend a lot to install new gear. David Gewirtz shows how Linux can help you preserve your investment while staying safe and secure.

Linux is much more secure than Windows. As my colleague Steven J Vaughn-Nichols pointed out, Linux was “designed to work in environments where other users are on the same box.” Therefore, Linux has some intrinsic security elements, simply as a matter of user-based security.

The installed base of end-user Linux distros is considerably smaller than Windows, so it’s not as much of a target to hackers. Since there are so many variations out there, it’s also hard to predict the version that’s being used. That makes it harder for an attacker to dig in and find a vulnerability.

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